The Unique Halong Bay - Viet Farm Homestay Tours
Every year millions of people visit halong bay.Its nature beauty is stunning and views are like nothing else.The limestome formation are some of the most beautiful in the worldand that’s why it has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Most tour are basic and offer just a simple service to Halong bay and a boat trip.With over 10 years experiences in the travel and tourism industry Viet

Asian Discovery Travel  offer something more for these looking to expand their visit to Vietnam
Comebining Halong with traditional vietnamese culture ,our tours give you a full flavour of Vietnamese farming,scenary and ways of life not seen anywhere else
On the top of Halong bay experience,on our tour,you have the opportunity to stay on a vietnamese farm homestay,far away from tourists ,where you will be farming rice and riding buffalo with a friendly locals whilst staying in an area with some of the most beautiful scenary in Vietnam

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