Ha Long Bay Vietnam or literally translated "descending dragon bay" was recognized as a vestige and beauty spot of national significances by Ministry of Culture and Information of Viet Nam and was also recognized as a world natural heritage site twice by UNESCO organization. The first time, in 1994 for the exceptional and universal value of the landscape and the second time in 2000 for the special value of geology and geomorphology.
Ha Long Bay was recognized ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature' in 2011
Ha Long Bay’s center area was recognized as a world heritage area by UNESCO and covers an area of 434 sq. Km, including 775 islands, of which 411 are named. It is bound by Dau Go island( in the west), Dau Be island (in the south) and Cong Tay island(in the east). Inside these islands. There are many beautiful caves such as Heaven place cave, surprising cave, drum cave ... Surround the islands. There are some local fishing villages which attract travellers to discover. When travellers to discover Ha Long. They also can enjoy many different activites such as like climbing, kayaking or swimming....
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